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Dust on my shoes

Last night I was invited to Xavier college to meet the students and tell a little about my story.

I requested to meet my own mob before I spoke, we had a good yarn about politics, treaty, genocide and their own mobs.

Thanks for welcoming me- there hope for us yet!

Truth telling

“Australian people need to come to terms with the truth of this country for us to move forward. There needs to be an understanding of the human rights of all people. We have a public holiday for horse racing, for a football grand final, but no public holiday day to recognise the first people of this nation.”Lidia Thorpe on the Darebin Council decision

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Midwinta Gala 2017


Thanks for ensuring our First people were welcomed to the Midwinta Gala.

It is so important to make sure that our community is represented and supported. Too many of our young people feel shame and exclusion because of their sexuality.