Independent and Peaceful Australia Network

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network

Last night, my sister Meriki Onus and I spoke at the IPAN opening panel alongside Scott Ludlam.

So many Aboriginal communities in Australia have been literally on the front line in our alliance with the US.  Country has been appropriated for facilities that have turned our country in a spy-state for the US government.  And in earlier decades, many Yankunyjatjara and Anangnu peoples died or were displaced forever from Country, in the wake of the devastating atomic tests by the British government.

It’s time for our Australian governments to start putting our national interests first and one sure way to do that is to establish a strong and secure independent foreign policy here.  We can take a leaf from the book of Ao-Te-Aroa/NZ.  They left ANZUS and banned nuclear ships under a conservative government!

Equal marriage – it’s happening

Equal marriage – it’s happening

It’s going to be a difficult time for members of the LGBTQIA+ community and it’s time for all of us to speak up if we hear people being abused or discriminated against.

Concerningly, when I was out on the Darebin Greens Equal Marriage stalls last weekend, we heard of quite a few cases of people being yelled at in the street or receiving hate mail.

Q Life is available as a support telephone service for LGBTQIA+ people.  And let’s stand strong against bullying and homophobia wherever we see it.

I’ve been born into a life working in the green movement  

I’ve been born into a life working in the green movement  

As a young forest activist, I brought together people from across East Gippsland to save the Nowa Nowa Gorge, where the fresh water of the mountains meets the saltwater of the Gippsland Lakes. And only a certain breed of fish can swim from fresh to salt water.  

We had everyone from the local GP to Jill Redwood and the Googerah forest activists in the campaign.

I was threatened and chased by loggers. They fired guns into the air. But we succeeded in saving the Gorge.

Today, I take my grandchildren to Gorge, or Nukka Kowirra, and we look for the rare Callistemon that would have been wiped out without our campaign.

It’s been a big few days

Over the last few days, I have had the absolute pleasure to talk to many community members. There seems to be a strong shared vision in our community to have a strong local voice representing us in the Northern District.

Looking forward to meeting and talking to more of you soon.

Endorsement by Marcella Brassett

Co-Convenor Multicultural Greens

National Multicultural Committee member, Communications and campaign management professional; human rights, peace and climate campaigner.

Lidia Thorpe made history by establishing the Greens National First People’s Committee / Blak Greens.

Multicultural and Blak Greens are working together to build our Party’s genuine diverse membership, leadership and parliamentary   representation.

Together we stand strong for justice and equality for First people’s and new Australians/ people of colour.

We recently co-held ‘Changing the Face of Parliament’, a packed out successful forum and workshop.

Lidia is a powerful, articulate leader. An unstoppable, highly experienced government lobbyist, social and environmental justice campaigner . A truly representative voice for all women and people in our State. Lidia is my great hope for the Greens and a fairer, more sustainable Victoria!

You can make this real. That’s how powerful your vote is.

Protecting Country

We need to protect country, and that includes Australia’s tremendous natural heritage and bio-diversity. Proud to see Darebin Council’s work on a No Extinctions policy.

Like Wild Darebin page to keep up to date.

Changing the face of parliament

Tonight I was honoured to sit with brothers and sisters from different cultures who all call Australia home.

It was empowering to hear stories of truth and the impact of racism on recent settlers.

I’d like to congratulate the Victorian Greens multicultural working group for facilitating tonight changing the face of Parliament workshop.

Together, we can work to ensure our elected representatives are reflective of the multi-cultured suburbs that we all call home.

Endorsement from Cam Walker

“Lidia is a determined, eloquent and effective community activist. She brings together a deep interest in sustainability and a strong commitment to achieving justice for traditional owners. She works to build bridges between different parts of our society, which will be essential if we are to achieve lasting and meaningful change.”


Cam Walker, environmental activist and co-ordinator, Friends of the Earth